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The freshest selection of vibrant garden flowers arranged in a natural, loose & wild style to depict the lovely local garden scapes outside this time of year.  This Sympathy vase will be colorful, bright, and tasteful, feauturing locally grown flowers, so no two baskets will be the same. Our local growers provide us weekly with hand cut beauties, and each week we recieve a different array of flowers in different shapes, sizes, colors, and varieties.  Local flowers provide so much love, fragrance and personal touches to our peices,  making it the perfect option to send to someone in need of a pick-me-up, to send to a local service, or to purchase for any larger occasion. 

Summer Garden Sympathy Vase $100- $200

    • Our business and floral community are being affected by COVID-19; the following delivery guidelines are now in place:

    • Same day delivery is not guaranteed.

    • Our ability to source specific flower varieties may be comproised each week; we'll use the freshest blooms availble that meet our quality standards in each arrangement; this may require flower substitution, both in vareity and color.
    • We appreciate your understanding and support during this time! Flowers make people happy and we're proud to be spreading that joy locally.

    • The Shipping section of the checkout page is the recipient! Remember, we also need a phone number to reach the recipent in order to complete your order! The first question you will be asked is for Your email, this is in the shipping section so you can recieve confirmation on the order! 
    • The Billing section of the checkout page is Your information! We also need your phone number incase we need to reach you to clarify any information or if there's trouble completeing your order! 
    • If you have any questions or are unsure how to complete the order online, call us at the shop for assistance! 603-526-2398, one of our employees can walk you through it!